Vertical Integration

Control multiple stages of the manufacturing process

From design and development, to full scale production and fulfillment, we offer everything needed to turn a concept into a fully functioning device by providing the highest quality in product manufacturing, with a dedicated and long-serving staff of professionals.

Ensure quality in production

We provide the highest quality in product manufacturing by owning all process equipment and maintaining a dedicated and long-serving staff of professionals.

The Benefits of Vertical Integration

RoHS Compliance

Ensuring that all our products are free from hazardous substances that may pose a threat to the environment and public health.

UL/CE requirements

We ensure that your products are safe and meet certain standards by constant control and meeting Ul/CE regulations.

Lower-cost supply

Our reliable products are strategically sourced for your success, as we strive to find ideal options for your business.

Manufacturing on 3 continents

Manufacturing operations span across three continents, supporting extensive production capabilities.

Network of reliable suppliers

Ensures consistent high-quality products, meeting client needs and exceeding customer expectations.

Inspection and functional testing

Inspection and testing solutions cater to the needs of various sectors with strict adherence to regulations.

Get to market faster with your single-source partner

We are agile, easy to reach and communicate with while keeping quality and personal touch as our priority.

Frequently asked questions

It is a business model or strategy for Eastek to own its entire supply chain, which requires integration and expertise at multiple steps of its manufacturing process.

Single point of contact and Single Margin. To streamline the operation and reduce cost, Eastek serves as a single point of contact to cover numerous steps within the supply chain. ¬†Eastek’s vertical integration relieves the pain and headache that result from having multiple contact points.

As a single margin contract manufacturer with vertical integration, Eastek charges a single margin for the collection of services being offered. Rather paying a markup on molding, another on PCBA, and another margin on top of that, a single margin is paid for all of the processes combined. This consequently reduces the cost of both the product and the supply chain management required to create the product.

From design and development, to full scale production and fulfillment, we offer everything from concept into a fully functioning device.

Some process example steps are:

– New product development engineering

– Molding / Overmolding

– Extrusion


– Complete Device Assembly

– Quality Engineering

– Packaging and Fulfillment

With multiple vendors, timelines and dates can become difficult to plan for and meet. A vertically integrated contract manufacturer are often capable of providing more accurate timelines and proficient at predicting and planning for the effects of the supply chain disruptions. With the ability to communicate internally when issues arise, teams can work together to fix problems, in order to save time, money and resources.

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