Design for Excellence

Reduce total cost, and optimize production reliability and quality

We enable our customers to be their most successful. By utilizing our global expertise and resources, we provide our customers with the highest quality while improving costs, reliability, and speed with DFX.

Reduce total number of parts

Utilize VAVE (Value Analysis and Value Engineering practices to reduce overall cost and maximize reliability.

Utilize standard components

There are quite a few benefits to using standard components versus custom ones, such as high availability, on-time supply, better deals for quantity and standard components are less expensive.

Multi-functional design parts

Multi-use parts can be shared within multiple products, which allows less purchase orders from the supplier, versatility, less production time, and ultimately less cost.

Our Product Design Capabilities

Product Engineering

Lean, reliable manufacturing operation ensures products that consistently meet design and performance characteristics.

Product Validation Testing

We use state-of-the-art inspection and metrology equipment with full traceability so raw materials can be linked to products.

Lower-cost supply

Our reliable products are strategically sourced for your success, as we strive to find ideal options for your business.

Failure Mode & Effects Analysis

FMEA is a method for recognizing and reducing potential failures and their impacts, to improve reliability.

Re-engineering Products and Process

Existing customer products with re-engineering for new plant locations and product upgrades & expansion.

Design for Manufacturability

So your product is efficiently and economically manufactured and adapted to your specific needs.

Get to market faster with your single-source partner

We are agile, easy to reach and communicate with while keeping quality and personal touch as our priority.

Our Process


Concept Introduction

We'll consult to discuss your goals, budget, timeline, and specifications to find the best solution for you.


Design Review & Feedback

Our engineers will start developing your product with high quality materials that fit your specific requirements.


Production and Distribution

Our team will produce and distribute your product with quality control measures, meeting high standards.


Design & Manufacturing
Optimization & Cost Reduction

Our team will collaborate with you to optimize the design for cost savings and maximum production reliability.


Lifecycle Management

Our customer experience team cares for your product even after launch.

Frequently asked questions

DFx consists of methods, guidelines, and standards for creating better quality products at the concept design phase.
  1. Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
  2. Design for Testing (DFT)
  3. Design for Reliability (DFR)
  4. Design for Cost (DFC)
  5. Design for Packaging (DFP)
Depending on complexity, we can offer feedback on DFx within 1 week.
By simplifying the design and reducing the number of parts, DFM can minimize the sources of failure and the need for frequent maintenance.
DFM is important because it’s about creating the process for the product as much as the product itself.

Design and Build products that matter