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Intellectual Property Protection

“We work in a highly competitive industry. Knowing our intellectual property is carefully controlled and protected gives us peace of mind. It’s the key to our confidence in Eastek”

– Eric Seedman, President – Chrysalis Development LLC

Intellectual property problems in manufacturing often arise from poorly managing access to confidential information or when companies lose control of their IP and how it is used. Being able to demonstrate a strong IP protection program is an important competitive advantage for a manufacturer, in particular it makes the company more attractive in IP-intensive industries.

Eastek Security Features

Eastek International is a U.S. owned company with significant assets in the U.S. Protect your Intellectual Property and secure your manufacturing contract with us. Safeguarded under U.S. law, your property remains secure thanks to strict security measures.

Eastek Internal Security Measures

  • All design, engineering, and program management team members are Eastek employees.
  • All factories and vehicle/pedestrian traffic in and out are monitored by a 24/7 guard staff.
  • All sensitive information areas such as engineering, production material control, manufacturing and warehouses are monitored with 24/7 closed circuit surveillance.
  • Only senior staff may utilize external e-mail, USB drives, digital media copying and the Internet.
  • All electronic data is stored on servers with 24 hour back-up.
  • All employees who have access to technical information must sign strict confidentiality agreements.
  • All servers have long term back-up systems.

“Our customers appreciate our demonstrated success at protecting their intellectual property.”

– Joe Rocco, CEO – Eastek International

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