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Design for Excellence

Reduce total cost, and optimize production reliability and quality

Your design decisions determine about 70% of the manufacturing costs of your product. Our goal is to help you design a product that is efficiently and economically manufactured.

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Engineer man hands on table with engineering drawings and laptop
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Vertical Integration

Control multiple stages of the manufacturing process

Get the highest quality in manufacturing by owning all process stages with the help of our dedicated and long-serving staff of professionals.

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Woman with white helmet explaining to man something on the laptop in factory
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Quality Assurance and Control

Ensure defect-free product shipment

By separating our quality system into three distinct processes applicable to different parts of our operations, we can ensure that our quality assurance will ensure defect-free products.

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Intellectual Property Protection

Keep the Keys to your Intellectual Property Vault

Our Solutions

Build products that matter


Custom Battery Solutions

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We offer battery selection customized to your requirements which brings more efficiency of the product and cost savings.


PCB Assembly

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We offer a complete catalog of PCBA manufacturing solutions combined with the benefits of low-cost country presence and support in your language and time zone.


Tooling Design & Fabrication

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We offer a full range of thermoplastic resin solutions with a wide variety of secondary options; in-house and customized to your standards.


Injection Molded Plastics

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We manufacture to your standards for tool design and maintenance and keep a reliable open communication link during tool manufacturing.


Turnkey Assembly

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Our catalog of turnkey manufacturing solutions includes design support, sourcing, prototyping, production, and logistics options.

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Case Studies
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We’ve Lost our IP

Eastek was able to reverse engineer the customers product line, enabling them to regain control of their IP for the first time in 20 years.

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"Without Eastek, I'm not sure how we would have continued forward. Not only were we able to continue future generations of our product, but we now have our IP back in our hands and under our control."
Vice President of Engineering
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Custom Battery Pack Solution

A multinational medical technology company needed a robust battery solution that would improve cycle life of the battery and provide all-day, high-power performance.

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"Eastek was able to educate and guide us on what the best battery technology would be for our applications. They were an essential part of making sure multiple products functioned with the same battery."
Chief Technology Officer
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Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

A Fortune 300 life sciences company wanted to change contract manufacturers due to quality and delivery issues.

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"Without Eastek's extensive Engineering team and being able to reverse engineer all of our boards, we would have spent time, energy, and money in legal fees and wouldn't be as far as we are today."
General Council
Our Process

Concept Introduction

We'll consult to discuss your goals, budget, timeline, and specifications to find the best solution for you.


Design Review & Feedback

Our engineers will start developing your product with high quality materials that fit your specific requirements.


Production and Distribution

Our team will produce and distribute your product with quality control measures, meeting high standards.


Design & Manufacturing Optimization & Cost Reduction

Our team will collaborate with you to optimize the design for cost savings and maximum production reliability.


Lifecycle Management

Our customer experience team cares for your product even after launch.

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