Wenbin Pu

Meet Mr. Wenbin Pu, Wenbin, joined the Eastek family in April of 2000 and has just celebrated his 20th anniversary with us! Congratulations to Mr. Wenbin Pu! Wenbin holds the position of Deputy Electronic Operations Manager for our Eastek Dongguan, China location. He has more than 20 years of experience in working with PCBA assembly and has mentioned there is a specific experience in the entire process from PCB design to finished product.

He’s grateful to have been with Eastek for twenty years, as he has gained a lot of expertise here. The company has given him a lot of learning opportunities that he has been able to obtain some corresponding certificates. It has also given him a chance to study in the United States. He states that he “grew up” in Eastek and thanks Eastek for this big family.

Although he’s been in PCBA for so long, he’d like the opportunity to learn more about and understand the production process of plastics. Even though he’s grown up with Eastek, his hometown is actually in Sichuan. It is more than 1,800 kilometers away from the company. Every time that he goes to the Spring Festival, he wasn’t to go back to his hometown and reunite with his loved ones.

One of Wenbin’s hobbies outside of work is exercising. He says that lifting heavier weights allows him to forget any troubles, and the pressure of work and life is completely released. However, one of his favorite ways to spend his time outside of work is to go fishing!

With the reality of our new “normal” with the “Stay at Home” order, we asked Wenbin how it’s helped improve his daily schedule. He let us know that honestly, it’s uncomfortable to stay home all day and that it can be restless. Before the “Stay at Home” order, he wasn’t one to play games on his mobile phone, however, now he’s found himself playing TikTok and WeChat Moments. How many of you found new games during the “Stay at Home” order?