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Eastek Responds: Increased Capacity and Expanded Capabilities

Eastek invests in vertical integration with increased capacity and expanded capabilities in medical device manufacturing

Re-investing in Vertical Integration

Over the past 25 years, our growth and success has gone where our customers and the markets have led us. In 2017, Eastek will continue its long-standing practice of re-investing in vertical integration. The resulting increases in capacity and expanded capabilities will allow us to serve customers in even better ways.

At Eastek, we make products that matter. But, what we make is only part of the story.

Our customers say Eastek differentiates itself with a service-first, customer-centric approach that offers creative solutions to their challenges. And that feedback matters tremendously to us. At the end of the day, how we behave within our teams, with our customers, with our suppliers, and with the environment is what truly matters. Eastek embraces its customers, which allows them to take better care of theirs. Anyone can buy equipment–that is easy. Having the right attitude, people, and mindset matters even more.

Plastic Injection Tooling Equipment

Having seen a 35% increase in injection mold tooling business at DG Eastek as well as tooling exported throughout the world, we are responding with these investments by August 2017:

  • Two SEDM Mirror stations
  • High Speed Electrode CNC station
  • Staff to run Grinding Department around the clock

Increased In-house Molding Capacity

In addition, we continue to see growth for in-house molding. To support this growth, Eastek is investing in the following, by June 2017:

  • 220 Ton Molding Machine
  • 200 Ton Molding Machine
  • 120 Ton Molding Machine

Metal Stamping

Since 2014, Eastek has seen dramatic growth in metal stamping requirements. To support added capacity and capability in the metal stamping department, we are making the following significant investments by July 2017:

  • 200 Ton Punch Press
  • 160 Ton Punch Press
  • 100 Ton Brake Press
  • Robotic Argon Welding
  • Robotic Laser Welding

This summer, we will expand our in-house metal machining capacity in stages between June and September. This process will include an investment in three CNC stations. These investments in vertical integration represent the largest individual year of purchases we’ve ever made. We’re doing so now, to better serve our customers in the future. This is how Eastek stands apart–not only by what we do, but why we do it.



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