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U.S. Tech Interactive: Eastek International – Integrated Global Services

For many entrepreneurs, identifying a U.S.-based contract manufacturer that offers a “one-stop shop” solution can help transform an important new product idea into reality. Eastek’s Vice President, talks on US-Tech.com about the Eastek Edge — an all-encompassing approach that resides entirely within the company.


Eastek International: Integrated Global Services

For many entrepreneurs, identifying a U.S.-based contract manufacturer that offers a “one-stop shop” solution can help transform an important new product idea into reality. But how to find a CM partner that offers an accommodating yet disciplined process, with sound leadership and support throughout all phases of design and production?

Eastek International offers an end-to-end manufacturing process that can be tailored to clients’ needs. Services include design, sourcing, production and logistics, combined with the benefits of low-cost-country presence and support in the customer’s local language and time zone. The company serves diverse industries ranging from consumer electronics, telecommunications and industrial to medical, transportation and recreation.

The company offers a contract manufacturing solution that it calls the Eastek Edgesm— an all-encompassing approach that resides entirely within the company. That means if you entrust your product to Eastek, you are ensured of superior product quality, continuous and precise control over all processes and intellectual property protection under U.S. law.

Clients can select from a menu of choices. Whether manufacturing subassemblies or multiple-component products, the company can take the project from concept through launch, ongoing production and distribution, or perform whatever is needed within this range of possibilities. Among the processes available are product design and development, complete turnkey product assembly, manufacturing capabilities and ongoing production and support.

In-House Design

The design group can handle a wide variety of products while providing clients the flexibility of owning the rights to the designs. The design team executes the entire process in-house, from the discovery phase — developing the electrical and mechanical product designs — to technical assessment, sourcing, design approvals, prototypes, packaging, production and distribution logistics.

Among the EMS provider’s core design competencies are electronic circuit design, mechanical design, product design specification, and industrial design for optimizing manufacturing capabilities and minimizing costs. The company also utilizes Six Sigma methodologies in its design work, and is qualified to support UL/CE product certifications. The Eastek design team prides itself on designing for manufacturability, anticipating roadblocks before they become obstacles and developing creative solutions to sourcing issues or other problems.

It’s all too common today for design and production to be handled in completely separate time zones, facilities or locations. Yet when phasing into production, continuous, on-site involvement from the design team ensures an on-time, on-budget process, and the original product vision is kept intact. Partnering with a CM such as Eastek, which offers concept-to-completion under one roof, presents the most efficient process. It also saves time and money.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Once the product is designed and ready for production, it’s important to have the support of an integrated team to see the project through every stage of the launch phase. Eastek offers a global launch team with members in North America, Europe, China and Hong Kong. With the benefits of global sourcing capabilities in all of these regions, the team creates engineering samples, executes pilot runs and transitions the product to full production. The company’s integrated manufacturing offerings include PCBA, molding tool fabrication, plastic injection molding, magnetics-transformers-EMI filters, stamping tool fabrication, metal stamping and machining/fabrication.

Once production is up and running, the an Eastek program manager will provide ongoing marketing-support services, ongoing cost reductions, engineering changes, distribution and global logistics. If you’ve ever suffered the painful loss of intellectual property, you know how important it is to protect it. The Eastek Edge provides peace-of-mind, since the intellectual property is protected through a combination of security systems, manufacturing procedures and staff training. At Eastek, intellectual property stays entirely within the company throughout the design, production and distribution processes, never leaving the EMS provider’s control. Other Eastek security features include:

  • Ensuring that all design, engineering and program management staff are Eastek employees.
  • 24-hour, closed-circuit surveillance of Engineering and Production Material Control Areas, plus restricted after-hours access to these areas.
  • Restricted access (managers only)to external e-mail, USB drives, digital media copying and the Internet.
  • Confinement of customer data to manager-only-accessible hard drives.
  • Strict confidentiality agreements for all employees with access to technical information.

Such steadfast focus on protecting intellectual property is indicative of the company’s commitment to be a steward of its clients’ information.

Focus on quality

Quality is a way of life at Eastek; from simple components to complex turnkey assemblies, a focus on quality permeates every aspect of its design and production work. Key industry credentials and capabilities include:

  • ISO 9001: 2000 certification.
  • TS 16949 certification.
  • RoHS-compliant manufacturing process.
  • Oracle 11i ERP system.
  • Expertise in meeting UL/CE requirements and securing UL/CE approvals.
  • Comprehensive inspection and functional testing techniques.
  • An established network of reliable suppliers.

This focus on quality has resulted in client relationships with Fortune 500 and other global companies whose brands also represent the highest quality standards in their respective industries. The Eastek team of experienced product designers, engineers and program managers exemplifies the gold standard in global customer service. Literally speaking your language at a time that’s convenient for you, Eastek’s trained and experienced support staff members work around the clock and around the globe. Many clients find this to be a service benefit not available from other contract manufacturers.

China Made Easy

As a further enhancement to its global service capabilities, the company recently launched a major new program to help customers establish their own manufacturing operations in China. A low-risk, quick and cost-effective solution to establishing a China-based manufacturing program, Eastek Access provides a “factory within a factory,” allowing the customer to set up his own operation in less than six months within Eastek’s manufacturing facility in southern China. The customer can then manage this operation within the Eastek plant, laying the groundwork to eventually creating his own independent manufacturing base in China.

The program allows clients to leverage Eastek’s significant experience, expertise and resources, allowing for an earlier entry-point into China than might be possible through other methods. The program is rooted in its versatility. Core services of the program include site preparation and management, 24/7 security, transportation and building maintenance, as well as teams in both the United States and China. In addition, Eastek Access offers a range of optional manufacturing services including design and manufacturing engineering, sourcing and supply chain management, purchasing, general labor services, supervision/management, quality assurance, and shipping and receiving. Support service choices with Eastek Access include legal expertise, human resources (including hiring), program management, project engineering, local government relations, freight consolidation and import and export license monitoring.

With our best-in-class facilities, constantly evolving and industry-leading programs and integrated, quality-focused services, Eastek is dedicated to delivering a competitive edge to customers, allowing customers to maintain control and gain peace-of-mind while achieving utmost efficiency and value in the contract manufacturing and logistics processes. Ultimately, choosing a CM such as Eastek will enable companies to better compete in the marketplace, realize higher profit margins and reinvest.

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