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U.S.-Based Contract Manufacturer Provides Solution for
 Companies Worried About Chinese Manufacturing

American-Owned Firms Provide Product Safety and Quality Assurances Americans Seek

Buffalo Grove, Ill. – September 12, 2007 – Recent questions surrounding manufacturing practices in China have left companies worldwide with unenviable and expensive choices – step up quality inspections significantly, establish a company-owned manufacturing operation in China, move operations to more costly domestic markets, or continue working with Chinese manufacturers at the risk of compromising quality and alienating – or even endangering – customers.

However, companies looking to avoid safety and quality issues have another option that is both cost-effective and straightforward: Work with an American-owned contract manufacturer in China. Companies such as Eastek International provide manufacturing facilities that are U.S. owned but located in China. The company offers an end-to-end manufacturing process that can be tailored to clients’ needs and completely controlled in-house by Eastek managers.

“Companies seeking low-cost, high-quality products can find solutions in a U.S.-based contract manufacturer that ensures high quality standards and tight control over the manufacturing process,” said Joe Rocco, president of Eastek International. “As a U.S.-based company doing business in China, we can provide the best of both worlds to our customers: low price and exceptional quality control. Our customers also appreciate that their intellectual property is protected under U.S. law.”

According to Rocco, U.S. contract manufacturers in China provide benefits that their Chinese-owned counterparts often lack, including:

  • Visiting suppliers in person to ensure that parts meet quality standards
  • Inspecting raw materials
  • Controlling the manufacturing processes in-house
  • Employing third-party quality inspectors
  • Specifying all requirements in writing

Rocco added that U.S. contract manufacturers’ focus on quality provides customers with peace of mind that their products will pass rigorous testing. Eastek International’s key industry credentials and capabilities include ISO 9001: 2000 certification, TS 16949 certification, expertise in meeting UL/CE requirements and securing UL/CE approvals, and RoHS-compliant manufacturing processes, among others. RoHS is an EU directive that restricts the use of certain hazardous substances – including lead and mercury – in electrical or electronic equipment.

According to Rocco, even the best Chinese manufacturers do not always adhere to the stringent safety procedures that guide American business practices. “Companies obviously want to set up shop in China because of the financial benefits, but oftentimes these companies are substituting substandard parts or using unknown suppliers to achieve lower costs. By utilizing U.S.-based contract manufacturers in China, companies may be able to avoid the company-damaging, costly recalls – as well as hazards to consumer safety – we are seeing in today’s marketplace.”

An approach that has benefited many Eastek customers is the unique Eastek Access service, which provides a low-risk, quick and cost-effective solution to establishing a company-owned China-based manufacturing program. Eastek Access provides a “factory within a factory,” allowing the customer to set up its own operation in less than six months within Eastek’s manufacturing facility in southern China. The customer then manages this operation within the Eastek campus, laying the groundwork to create its own independent manufacturing base in China.

“Eastek Access provides companies with the opportunity to ‘set up shop’ and obtain the cost benefits of manufacturing in China while under the trustful eye of an American contract manufacturer,” said Bob Wiegand, vice president of sales and marketing for Eastek. “Most importantly, this service helps ensure that the products produced in China are of high quality.”

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