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Turnkey | Box Build Assembly

Full-Service Turnkey Assembly in the U.S. and China

Eastek facilities everywhere deliver with Six Sigma quality, revision control, intellectual property security. Our catalog of turnkey manufacturing solutions includes design support, sourcing, prototyping, production, and logistics options. Turnkey assembly is part of the fully customizable Eastek Single Source Solution

Why Choose Turnkey Contract Manufacturing Services?

Companies are focused on reducing costs and remaining agile to address rapidly changing markets. For the majority of product marketing companies in which manufacturing is not a core business practice. Turnkey manufacturing is the wisest choice over both the short and long term. By outsourcing all manufacturing functions to a third-party CM, these companies can focus on their core competencies while taking advantage of the production economies of scale offered by an established contract manufacturer. While some companies may feel vulnerable in relying on a third party to meet delivery commitments to customers, high-quality turnkey manufacturing is more likely to improve product delivery because established and proven processes are used. Companies relying on turnkey manufacturing also tend to innovate and produce new products more quickly, as they are free to focus on market research, product development, sales, and are unhindered by costly manufacturing infrastructures. A CM’s entire focus is on manufacturing, while an OEM will often find that its resources are pulled in many directions when difficulties arise or when delivery crunches occur.

 Turnkey | Box Build Assembly Snapshot

  • Electro-Mechanical Assemblies
  • Turnkey | Box Build Prototype*
  • Vertical Integration
  • Capacity for Building 30 to 50 Tools in Parallel
  • In-house Plastics, Stampings, & Windings
  • In-house Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)

*2-3 Weeks After Last Part Arrival Date   

Eastek Turnkey Product Assembly

  • 0201 surface mount and through hole component placement
  • In-house plastics, stampings, windings
  • Accelerated product life testing
  • Electro-mechanical assemblies
  • Validated functional testing
  • Ready for market, retail packaging

The Eastek Single Source Solution

Simplify your manufacturing supply chain – from the discovery phase to sourcing, prototyping, production, packaging, and distribution logistics. The Eastek global team of 1,200+ highly trained, experienced professionals can help you do it. As a certified, vertically, integrated contract manufacturer, Eastek delivers superior product quality and value with precise, continuous control end-to-end and full intellectual property protection under U.S. law. Could the Eastek Edge be your solution?

What is the Cost-Benefit to Selecting Turnkey Contract Manufacturing Services?

In addition to offering enhanced process, quality assurance, and delivery capabilities, turnkey manufacturing helps electronics manufacturers reduce production costs by lowering or eliminating many of the supply-chain and overhead costs associated with the manufacturing process. Many of these costs are overlooked or not well understood when companies initially decide to use a consigned solution.


Under the typical consignment manufacturing, companies outsource only the assembly portion of the manufacturing process. Thus, organizations must prepare the products for manufacturing in-house, resulting in added in-house kitting costs – including labor, and shipping and receiving costs (the parts must be delivered to the CM).

Contract manufacturers already have the infrastructures in place to prepare products for assembly, so their cost is spread over a number of customers and products. In addition to adding costs, the consignment plan can result in duplicated effort at this stage if the products are not prepared properly for the contract manufacturer’s particular processes to finish the product. In such cases, the manufacturer must adjust the materials or return the components to the company – resulting in wasted time and added costs. Component quality issues and errors cause production delays on the assembly line – it is always best for the CM to receive, test, and prepare the components that it will assemble.


By spreading inventory, financing, and labor costs across multiple projects, a contract manufacturer’s cost-per-product is always less than the same costs dedicated to a single company or product. CMs also offer economies of scale as well as various inventory financing options that assist with cash flow.

While the turnkey model offers significant inventory and labor cost savings, many early-stage companies that have already invested capital in these areas believe that they must retain their existing supply chain assets to re-coup their investments. A contract manufacturer can offer lower per-project labor and inventory financing costs than an in-house team since the manufacturer specializes in those areas and the costs are spread across multiple projects.


At Eastek, we have observed that turnkey contract manufacturing is the ideal manufacturing solution for most small-to-mid-size companies. Even many established companies with in-house supply chain departments are switching to a turnkey solution for their new product ideas, or will “test the waters” of turnkey outsourcing with established products that are in maintenance mode. Offering significant labor and inventory cost savings and allowing companies to focus on innovation and their core competencies. Our turnkey solution, coined the Eastek Edge, is a viable choice for companies that have made the decision to outsource the manufacturing of their electronics products to a contract manufacturer.

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