Turnkey Assembly

The Eastek Single Source Solution

Simplify your manufacturing supply chain from the discovery phase to sourcing, prototyping, production, packaging, and distribution logistics. The Eastek global team of highly trained, experienced professionals can help you do it. As a certified, vertically integrated contract manufacturer, Eastek delivers superior product quality and value with precise, continuous control and full intellectual property protection under U.S. law.

Eastek Has Your Turnkey Solution

At Eastek, we have observed that turnkey contract manufacturing is the ideal manufacturing solution for most small-to-mid-size companies. Many established companies with in-house supply chain departments are switching to a turnkey solution for their new product ideas, or will “test the waters” of turnkey outsourcing with established products in maintenance mode.

Eastek’s Turnkey Solution Offers significant labor and inventory cost reductions and allows companies to focus on innovation and their core competencies. Eastek is a viable choice for companies that have decided to outsource their electronics products to a contract manufacturer.

Full-Service Turnkey Assembly

Eastek facilities everywhere deliver with Six Sigma quality, revision control, and intellectual property security. Our catalog of turnkey manufacturing solutions includes design support, sourcing, prototyping, production, and logistics options. Turnkey assembly is part of the fully customizable Eastek Single Source Solution.

Turnkey | Box Build Assembly Snapshot

  • Electro-Mechanical Assemblies
  • Turnkey | Box Build Prototype*
  • Vertical Integration
  • Capacity for Building 30 to 50 Tools in Parallel
  • In-house Plastics, Stampings, & Windings
  • In-house Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)
    • *2-3 Weeks After Last Part Arrival Date