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Tooling Design & Fabrication

State-of-the-Art Capabilities

In injection molding, tooling design, and fabrication you can rely on us to manufacture your products on-time and to specification. Our advanced on-site tool fabrication facility allows us to design for manufacturability (DFM) a wide range of solutions. We manufacture to your standards for tool design and maintenance and keep a reliable open communication link with you during tool manufacturing as if we are your next door neighbor.

Eastek Tool Fabrication Capabilities

  • On-site tool fabrication
  • Single cavity, multi-cavity, and family tools
  • 6 week standard lead time with expedited timelines available
  • Mold base and inserts designed to run from 50,000 to 1,000,000 shots
  • CAD capabilities
  • Accept 3D models/ 2D files
  • Large tooling capacity
    • Includes building up to 30 to 50 tools in parallel
    • More than 60 full-time tool and die makers on staff

We Build Tools To Your Standards

The Advantages of Using Experienced Toolmakers to Further Establish Your Molding Capabilities

U.S. molding companies using both local and international toolmakers can meet their budget and delivery needs for their customers. By outsourcing the construction of molds, molding companies can focus on processing and maintain their day to day. Using several reliable mold manufacturing suppliers ensures that the mold is delivered on time by avoiding the bottleneck of pushing everything through a single shop. 

Here at Eastek we would love to be your primary source mold manufacturing solution, but we recognize in today’s world, it is better to have multiple sources.

While having a full in-house mold making shop used to be standard practice for molders, we believe that having a few key suppliers is a much more efficient way to serve your customers. Luckily we have a full in-house tool shop that will allow us to take some of that load off of you.

With a quality design as the foundation, our toolmakers are able to build a mold with the goal of decreasing costs and improving output. Our team of highly skilled toolmakers design and build high-precision molds to optimize plastic injection molding performance and tool longevity.

Tool Capabilities Snapshot

  • 2014 Total # of Tools Completed: 79
  • 2015 Total # of Tools Completed: 214
  • Capacity to Build 30 to 50 Tools in Parallel
  • Quick-Turn Prototype Tools
  • In-House Design
  • In-House Maintenance
  • 60 Master Full- Time Tool Technicians & Die Makers
  • Hot Runner System
  • Tool(s) Build to USA & China Standards

Tools Built to Specifications

  • Built to specified standards
  • Deliver globally
  • Export to your molding facility
  • Tool prototypes with quick-turnaround

Eastek Tool Solutions

  • Tools build for your molding facility anywhere
  • Export tools built to your standards
  • High volume production tools
  • Low volume production tools
  • Quick-turnaround prototype tools

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tool Manufacturing Overseas?

We at Eastek feel our tool-making capabilities enables us to meet the budget and delivery needs of our customers. Many companies have found that tool manufacturing overseas is not cost effective. The shipping costs, as well as the delivery delays through customs, make it worthwhile to do the actual tooling in the US. However, we have found that tool manufacturing overseas has advantages.

The biggest ADVANTAGE of making tools overseas is COST. Typically, these tools are ¼ to ½ the price of US toolmakers. We can deliver tools that are equal in quality to our domestic sources.

We can bring things to the table that add value to your process so that you can optimize processes moving forward.We have on-staff designers and the support structure you need that is available if a problem ever occurs.

We specialize in preventive, time-saving work.

Engineering changes can mean minor adjustments or they can mean that a significant change is necessary to a mold.  Often these changes are a natural progression of a product life cycle or they are required to meet the needs of the end consumer, allow for a better fit between mating tools or are part of a process improvement. Our onsite tool shop works with customers on engineering changes. Depending on the depth of the change, a project schedule may be created to help manage the project.

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