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Custom Battery Solution

Optimize your power solution

We offer battery sourcing and design customized to your requirements, which brings increased efficiency, performance and cost savings.

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Why choose Eastek?
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China Battery Engineering Team to provide leadership and excellence from design to production.
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US Battery Engineering Team to provide onshore support to comprehensive customer service needs.
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Extensive network relationship to provide a massive supply chain, therefore cost savings with matching or superior product performance.
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Strong awareness in system architecture for long term design and production planning.
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Deep knowledge in product safety and compliance, essential to rechargeable battery products.
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Deep sleep design specialty to extend battery storage and transport life, to mitigate bricking scenarios.

Let us help you reach your goals

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Design & Development

We provide design and development services in battery pack and charger, with a timely and vertically integrated process.

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Featured Solutions

We strive for a cost effective model, while providing experienced offering in PCM, BMS and user communication capabilities.

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Market Applications

Dedicated market product drives dedicated operating and market requirements, therefore a tailored battery solution makes sense.

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Battery Selection For Your Needs

Making the right selection is key, as different end device application requires different power & capacity.

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Design of Hardware and Software

With proven experience in hardware & software, we help create a custom pack with optimal performance.

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Certification & Testing Requirements

Whether it is UN, UL, IEC or CE, we make your testing and certification experience smoother and easier.

Deliver timely & cost-effective products

We are agile, easy to reach and communicate with while keeping quality and personal touch as our priority.

Chemistry Selection

As the EV industry pushes forward with lightning speed, the world cannot ignore the potential and significance of the ever-popular Lithium secondary category, which contains the choices of Lithium Ion, Lithium Polymer, and Lithium Iron Phosphate.

While this new and current generation of chemistry provides a higher operating voltage level and energy density, lower self-discharge rate, the biggest win is about significant size reduction to make the end device smaller and lighter. Lithium Iron Phosphate stands out with a larger size and weight characteristics but offers unmatched high discharge current capability, with better safety and life span performances.

While there is no one size fits all chemistry, it is vital for a company to identify the most critical areas of benefit that will trade-off against the loss.


Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) cells have a negative electrode (anode) made from lithium compounds. Lithium is a highly reactive material and is much lighter than the hydrogen-absorbing metal alloy of the NiMH negative electrode. This leads to higher gravimetric energy densities for the Li-Ion cell. Cells can stay in storage for 12 months without requiring maintenance. The expected cycle life of a Li-Ion in an application is about 500+ full charge and discharge cycles.

  • Standard Cell Sizes Available
  • Standard and Custom PCM
  • Custom Cell Sizes Available
  • Cylindrical Form Factor
Lithium Polymer

Lithium Polymer Ion batteries provide the performance of the Li-ion in a thin or moldable package. They do not use a volatile liquid electrolyte and can sustain significant abuse without explosion or fire. The lithium-polymer uses a polymer gel electrolyte to replace the traditional liquid electrolyte. Lithium-polymer finds its market niche in applications that require thin geometries, such as batteries for cell phones, tablets, wearable technologies, and other such applications. The expected cycle life is about 500+ full charge and discharge cycles.

  • Standard Series Continually Expanding
  • Standard and Custom PCM
  • Customized Cell Sizes Available
  • Thin Prismatic Form Factor
  • Over 700 Standard Cells Sizes Available
Lithium Iron Phosphate

The lithium iron phosphate battery is a type of rechargeable battery based on the original lithium ion chemistry, created by the use of Iron (Fe) as a cathode material. LiFePO4 cells have a higher discharge current, do not explode under extreme conditions and weigh less but have lower voltage and energy density than normal Li-ion cells.

Iron (Fe) is an intrinsically safer cathode material than Cobalt (Co). The Fe-P-O bond is stronger than the Co-O bond so that when abused (short-circuited, overheated, etc.) the oxygen atoms are much harder to remove. This stabilization of the redox energies also helps fast ion migration. Only under extreme heating, generally over 800C, does breakdown occur which prevents the thermal runaway that typical Li-Ion cells are prone to.

LiFePO4 is highly resilient during oxygen loss which typically results in an exothermic reaction in other lithium cells. No PCM is needed but recommended to maintain cycle life and capacity.

Multiple Cell Sizes Available

Certified production facilities and dedicated staff

Our mission is to provide our customers with the expert solutions to build the products that matter to them.

ISO 14001:2015
ISO 45001:2018
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 13485:2016
Quality System (QS) Regulation
FDA Registered Facility
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Your trusted choice for global contract manufacturing


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Case Studies
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We’ve Lost our IP

Eastek was able to reverse engineer the customers product line, enabling them to regain control of their IP for the first time in 20 years.

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"Without Eastek, I'm not sure how we would have continued forward. Not only were we able to continue future generations of our product, but we now have our IP back in our hands and under our control."
Vice President of Engineering
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Custom Battery Pack Solution

A multinational medical technology company needed a robust battery solution that would improve cycle life of the battery and provide all-day, high-power performance.

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"Eastek was able to educate and guide us on what the best battery technology would be for our applications. They were an essential part of making sure multiple products functioned with the same battery."
Chief Technology Officer
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Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

A Fortune 300 life sciences company wanted to change contract manufacturers due to quality and delivery issues.

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"Without Eastek's extensive Engineering team and being able to reverse engineer all of our boards, we would have spent time, energy, and money in legal fees and wouldn't be as far as we are today."
General Council
Our Process

Concept Introduction

We'll consult to discuss your goals, budget, timeline, and specifications to find the best solution for you.


Design Review & Feedback

Our engineers will start developing your product with high quality materials that fit your specific requirements.


Production and Distribution

Our team will produce and distribute your product with quality control measures, meeting high standards.


Design & Manufacturing Optimization & Cost Reduction

Our team will collaborate with you to optimize the design for cost savings and maximum production reliability.


Lifecycle Management

Our customer experience team cares for your product even after launch.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is a customized battery solution beneficial and valuable to a product?

Off-the-shelf solutions are often bulky, aside from not being space efficient, meeting the power requirement of the end product is another challenge.  Therefore, a customized solution will provide improved size, weight, performance while keeping development and production costs under control.

What are other key factors to custom battery solution, aside from performance?

Communication capability, safety and longevity...

When it comes to safety, what are the key design parameters contributing to a safe battery pack, aside from environmental testing?

Always, always follow the original specification provided by the chosen cell manufacturer.  Then design and develop with high regards to voltage, current and temperature management.  When it comes to safety, there is no shortcut...

What is a key knowledge that sets Eastek apart from other competitions?

Prolonged storage maintenance feature - "Deep Sleep" implementation to avoid "bricking" - Ultra ultra low quiescent current drain during off mode by passive and active control mode

Why choose Eastek for your customized battery solution?

We pride ourselves with dedicated focus on Tier 1 and Tier 2 cell supplier network and supply chain management, in order to provide material excellence and production continuity.

Frequently asked questions

What is your maximum print area for a PCBA?

Our maximum print area for a PCBA is 508 mm (X) x 508mm (Y).

Do you just do SMT components?

We have the ability to do through hole components with manual, wave or selective soldering capabilities. We also have the ability to conformal coat, ICT, X-ray, program, automated torque screw insertion and a variety of other secondary operations.

Can you do a double sided PCBA?

Yes, we can manufacturer both single and double sided PCBAs.

What kind of quality solutions do you offer?

We offer Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) & Automated Optical Inspection in our process. We verify that the correct amount of solder paste is laid down and in the correct area. After the reflow oven, we use the AOI to inspect for a wide variety of component inspection criteria, including Foreign Object Debris (FOD) across the PCBA.

Is your reflow oven capable of handling large components?

Our reflow ovens are equipped with a total of 13 heated zones, 10 conventional zones and 3 IR zones for heating. Our oven profiling prior to any production runs through the reflow process ensures that the temperature profiling is met to meet industry quality standards.

Frequently asked questions

What is Injection Molding?

Injection molding is a method to obtain molded products by injecting molten plastic materials into a mold, and then cooling and solidifying them.

What molding solutions does Eastek offer?

We provide standard injection, muiti-shot, insert molding, in-mold decoration, for low to high volume production.

Where are Eastek's molding locations?

China and Mexico

What is the largest size part you can produce?

We can produce parts up to 621 square inches.

What is over-molding?

Over-molding is the process that adds a softer touch to molded parts while also improving grip on hand controls and providing water resistance and sound absorption.

Frequently asked questions

What is tool design and fabrication?

Tool design and fabrication is the process used to produce a mold for use in plastic injection molding.

Does Eastek offer a mold warranty?

Eastek offers warranties from 1,000 to 1,000,000 shots.

Does Eastek build injection mold tooling in-house?

Yes, Eastek has successfully built thousands of tools in house.

Does Eastek accept tooling transfers from legacy molders?

Yes, Eastek offers tooling transfer services.

Does Eastek offer fast turnaround mold tooling?

Yes, Eastek offer fast turnaround mold tooling with lead-times starting at 2 weeks.

Frequently asked questions

What's Turnkey Assembly?

Turnkey refers to a product that is ready for immediate use for the buyer. What it implies is that CM is offering a comprehensive, ready to go product fully assembled and tested, delivered in retail packaging.

What's Turnkey Manufacturing?

Turnkey Manufacturing usually defines a company that can handle ALL aspects of engineering and manufacturing. It means that they can lead your product from conceptual design to product realization and mass production.Often, the term is used to describe a contract manufacturer that specializes in production only. A customer that uses a contract manufacturer would need to have complete, finalized designs in order to have CM to introduce the product to manufacturing.

What's PCB Turnkey Assembly?

Turnkey PCB Manufacturer is a definition that applies for manufacturer capable of providing fully populated PC Board Assembly. That includes fabrication and preparation of PC boards, procurement of electronic components, populating PC boards, continuous monitoring of quality and life of your PCB Assembly. Life of your PCBA is defined by terms related to individual components that make PCBA, i.e.:
LTB = Last Time Buy
EOL = End of Life

Will I need to submit multiple PO's or just one?

No, the benefit to Turnkey Assembly is that all components and services are consolidated within a single PO.

What is the benefit of Turnkey Assembly?

When you partner with a turnkey manufacturer, you only need to manage one vendor, which can save you the delays and miscommunications with separate vendors, if you outsourced them yourself. Usually, there will only be one single point of contact. Having to manage multiple vendors can sometimes be overwhelming.

Let’s build what matters to you!

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