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Solar Home Systems

mobisol solar home system

Eastek is honored to be making products that make a difference.

In addition to our fetal heart rate monitors, we are now part of a team making products that help households get energy.

Did You Know: A quarter of the world’s population is living without a reliable electricity source. They currently try and subsist using kerosene lamps, open flames, diesel generators, and other fossil sources that are inefficient, unhealthy, harmful to the environment, and very costly. It is estimated that worldwide, through the use of kerosene lamps alone, approximately 70 million metric tons of CO2 emissions are emitted each year. This is roughly the equivalent emissions of 12 million cars at the same location, all running at the same time.**

In collaboration with Mobisol, we are contributing in the production of solar home systems that are cost-effective and eco-friendly. Mobisol, the Berlin-based company, has developed solar home systems specifically designed to supply the needs of low and middle-income families in the developing world. Since 2010, Mobisol has installed over 20,000 solar home systems in Tanzania and Rwanda to tackle the challenge of energy poverty. The Mobisol SHS is a solar photovoltaic system consisting of a PV module, a sealed solar battery, and the Mobisol controller.

mobisol controller
mobisol unit

Eastek makes the controller (the orange box). The controller is a stand-alone measurement and control unit complete with charge controller and an integrated GSM module which establishes a connection to the Mobisol database.

mobisol people

The complete system is available in four different sizes: 30 WP, 80 WP, 120 WP, and 200 WP. This is to allow to match various electricity needs as well as payment abilities of different customer groups. The access to energy creates socioeconomic opportunities and has allowed clean power for thousands of insufficiently served rural communities. Eastek is again honored to be part of this process and continue to work with Mobisol on changing the world one household at a time.

**Figures, images, and informational content is from Mobisol’s Website: Plug in the World.

See how the whole process comes together by watching this short video below:


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