Siti Hajar Azmi

Meet Ms. Siti Hajar Azmi, Siti is the QA Manager for our Eastek Malaysia Facility. She has 15 years of working experience in Quality Assurance and Quality Management System. Currently, she leads a QA and QMS Team in terms of building Quality products and Quality Mindset that are helping the company to fulfill customer satisfaction. She is deeply passionate about creating loved and trusted Quality products that help people improve their skills and also to achieve a world-class quality of products. She is grateful to get the opportunity to work with Eastek in Malaysia since her hometown was in Alor Setar. Because of this, she can frequently go visit her mother when she finishes work. She also feels grateful that she can further her studies on her Doctorate of Philosophy. Currently, she is pursuing her studies in Executive Master on Operation and Project Management.

When asked about what she would like the opportunity to learn more about, she stated that she wishes to learn more about the applications of Technology for overall industries. “For me, technology was important to make our life easier.”   She has attended a few seminars related to applications of Technology to achieve Industrial 4.0. “Technology is important for modern-day growth, and if we can implement in our industries, our life will be better and easier.”

Outside of work, there are several things that Siti likes to do, but one is traveling. Once a year, she will plan at least three days to take her family on a trip. “For me, traveling can improve my problem-solving skills. I learn about new places, the culture of those places we visit, and taste variety of local food. Traveling also allows me to adapt to new situations and use my organization and planning skills to ensure I have the most fun I can. I try to anticipate possible delays and other interruptions in my travel. I always have a list of important contacts, such as my hotel front desk or travel coordinator. These strategies prepare me for many possible situations, which is how I approach problem-solving skills and also planning skills.” In the future, she wishes to travel around the world with her family. But so many things need to settle first, and traveling around the world is her last priority.

In addition to traveling, after work, she likes going back to her mother’s house and visit with her. If it is closer to the weekend, her children will join together, and they will cook any new recipe they find on Facebook. She also listens to a lot of podcasts on leadership, business, and coaching, which she considers highly valuable training for her future career in management.

When asked if Siti has ever had a nickname, she said not so far. However, when she was with her last company, her colleagues liked to call her a “headmaster”. They said that her style and work attitude are similar to a headmaster! She finds this very funny!

One of the things that the “Movement Control Order” (MCO) helped improve in her daily life was learning how to work from home while also raising her children. She has five children ranging in ages 16 years old to 7 months old. Her motherhood experience to raise them has been very different.

And something she’d really like you to know is, “Being an A-level Executive is what you’d think, it’s exactly like me. I’m holding the position as QA Manager at 28 years old, and I am passionate about learning something new. For me, I will make every opportunity a learning opportunity. ‘Making the leap into learning,’ I’ve put this advice to work in my own career, especially at times when the path ahead was unclear. Before I moved forward from the electronics industry to mechanical parts, I decided to take the challenge, get the job offer from Continental, and improve my skills in QA. Those experiences prepared me for future opportunities, including my current role. Those early experiences are the foundation that allows me to learn even more today with all of the interactions and experiences that I am afforded. For me, ‘When opportunity knocks, open the door’! I take advantage of new situations to learn as much as I can. An opportunity can take the form of meeting someone for the first time or a complex project I have been asked to tackle.”

“When I’m not at work or denial about having a social life, I’m at home, mothering the world with my five kids. My kids are my absolute rock, and they have helped me to really understand my purpose. The love I have for my kids is so infectious that I can’t help but radiate it onto anyone I cross paths with. I honestly just want us all to succeed and will go out of my way to ensure that.”

“At the core, I’m just a mom, and that’s all it really comes down to. I believe in everyone and their goals as if they were my children. I will bend over backward to help other’s dreams come true. Still, I also understand the importance of standing your ground and holding your own by balancing on the world. I have four core values I am still holding on to; Trust, Freedom to act, Passion to win, and For one another. I still stand for these four core values and apply them to my daily work life.”