QQ Zhuang

Meet Ms. QQ Zhuang, QQ is the PMC and Warehouse Manager at our Eastek Dongguan China Facility. We asked QQ to tell us something that she’s really good at and her answer was quite that she may be very good at many things…she really can’t say (except maybe smiling!). BUT she did tell us what she ISN’T good at, which is cooking, singing, dancing and drawing/painting!

What she’s really thankful for is the support her family has always given her. She is also thankful for the company’s platform and the leadership’s teachings. She is thankful for the hard work of her team and colleagues.

She loves to travel with family and friends when she has time. She also likes to watch romance movies and shopping and she loves the outdoors. QQ has always wanted to try bungee jumping but says she won’t go because she’s scared. Has anyone else ever bungee jumped and could give QQ some encouraging words?

One thing that QQ wanted us to know about her is that she has two daughters, Joy and Yue that are very sensible and very caring.

The “stay at home” order has changed many things for many people. For QQ, working from home meant that she didn’t need to wear a mask and that she could breathe freely. Be she did mention that efficiency and communication with colleagues suffered a bit. What has changed for you?