Our History

A Legacy of Capabilities

In 1990 Fred Yuen founded Eastek International Corporation near Chicago, IL to source electronic sub-assemblies and transformers from Taiwan and Hong Kong to the U.S. market. We quickly grew to include partners in China and expanded our capabilities to include the fabrication of transformers and related electronic assemblies, windings, metal stampings, plastics, injection mold tooling and mold plastic parts. In 1998 we consolidated our operations in China at a factory campus in Fenggang, Dongguan. Again, our capabilities expanded as we acquired a license as a VAT Free or Value Add Factory with 100 percent of production for PRC export.

Our capabilities further expanded in 2005 and 2006, with the acquisition of seven injection molding machines. As a result, we began marketing and selling injection mold tooling for export. Our Fenggang campus expanded 50 percent with acquisition of adjacent property and enabled us to create a larger campus that housed the “Eastek University” for the advancement of learning on the Eastek factory campus. This evolved to include four levels of English as a Second Language (ESL) classes being taught to more than 250 employees by the end of 2009.

In 2007, we partnered with Phillips Plastics Corporation to form a 75-25 joint venture named WahTsun Far East Limited for the development of world-class injection mold tool fabrication at Eastek’s Fenggang campus. Once again, we were able to add more machinery – automated optical inspection for PCBA surface mount line (SMT) production, a digital in-circuit testing system, a coordinate measuring machine (CMM), a CNC lathe machine, Plunge EDM and Wire EDM machines and Eastek’s first double injection molding machine – and our capabilities expanded greatly. We serve a diverse client base, and each client has its own unique manufacturing needs. At the same time, we offer distinct capabilities for particular industries.

In 2008 we attained full RoHS process compliance and acquired X-Ray Analysis equipment for “in-house” testing of raw material analysis to test compliance to RoHS standards. A year later, we constructed our White Room Molding operation, capable of 15 molding machines. We also relocated a 200-person, 10 assembly line process from a customer’s Dominican Republic Operation to Eastek Fenggang. This project was part of global reorganization effort, for which Eastek was ahead of schedule and within six months broke all prior quality and production records.

That year, we also attained ISO-13485 Certification and transferred our first heater wire production line from Midwest U.S. to Eastek China for custom and specialty heater wire products.

In 2010 Eastek China received a WOFE license as “Dong Guan Hua Gao Plastics and Electronics Company, Ltd.” or “Eastek China.” As a result, we’re able to trade in RMB in the PRC. We also launched a magnetic door lock production cell and added automated welding, compression molding and vacuum pressure impregnation to our capabilities. All operations at the Eastek Fenggang Campus received ISO-13485 certification

In 2013 Eastek expands further, with the acquisition of Automated Circuit Technology, Inc.

Today, now over 25 years later, as a result of joint ventures, acquisitions, and technology reinvestments, eastek is a recognized global provider with manufacturing and logistic solutions that attract fortune 500 companies worldwide!