Noorizan (Eizan) Mohamed Gouse

Meet Ms. Noorizan (Eizan) Mohamed Gouse, Noorizan is the PPC Senior Manager at our Eastek Malaysia Facility. She has been doing Planning and Delegating for the past 26 years in the manufacturing industry and she enjoys doing it. Both skills have been developed throughout the years and learning and self-development never really stop for her.

Something a lot of people don’t know about her is that she was born in Penang, which is an island in North Malaysia. She moved to Kedah with her husband who is also from the north in Perlis. They started their family in Alor Setar in the ’90s and they’ve been there ever since.

We asked what Noorizan is grateful for and she told us the following, “I am blessed with a loving and supportive family. My husband and children are the rocks in my life. Also, I’m grateful for my friends that stayed with me throughout thick and thin who I considered family as well (including Eastek friends). Without the amazing people in my life to cheer me on, I wouldn’t have come this far in my career that I’m forever thankful for.”

When asked if she’s ever had a nickname before, she said with her full name being Noorizan Mohamed Gouse, so people usually call her Eizan as her full name is “quite a mouthful to pronounce”.

Language is something that she would love to delve into more. Since Eastek is an international company, it is an advantage for her to meet new people from different parts of the world. “Learning new languages is a gateway for me to immerse myself in a new culture and experience. Furthermore, learning language will force me to be more conscious of grammatical rules and constructions of that language, which can ease communication and eliminate barriers.” She would love to travel to other parts of the world. She has visited a few countries, but there are still more that she wants to visit and explore. She loves historical sites and nature.

In addition to language and exploring, she enjoys sewing. Since she had her first grandchild, making clothes and blankets are a fun way for her to spend her downtime. Plus, she says, “giving handmade gifts to them will be a memorable item that they could hold on to as they grow up”. She also enjoys watching local and foreign movies in her spare time outside of work. Her favorite genres are drams, comedy and horror.

The “stay at home” order has changed many things for many people. For Noorizan, working from home has allowed her to spend more time with her family, but outside of that, with having an online connection, she says that nothing has changed much. It’s fairly easy for her to connect with her co-workers and arrange online meetings. What has changed for you?