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Making Products That Matter

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Eastek is all about making a difference! We strive for excellence everyday not just in the great deliverables of high quality low cost product on-time and on-budget to our clients but also to see the end result of that product being used for the betterment of others. These examples keep our employees and leadership team motivated to work as hard as possible and pursue greatness every single day. We are constantly improving our processes and updating our knowledge base with leaner manufacturing methodologies and practices..

Human-to-human connections are the heart and soul of any business (and especially true for our business). At the end of the day, you are dealing with people — your company is solving problems, alleviating the stress, pressure, and workload of your clients while providing delightful customer experiences. Our brand building is all about building our clients up. Time and time again, customers have come to us for a manufacturing need, but they have stayed with us because we go above and beyond just making your product. We tell the story of your product. Not only that but with each new success story our clients have, that’s a new success story we have. When they win, we win. This company was founded upon the principles of making a difference which motivates us every single day to do the very best we can for our clients.



Making Products That Matter Initiative is :

  • The reason why we came to be
  • What motivates our entire team all over the world to get up and work
  • A transparent view of the people behind Eastek, it’s great employees, as well as the great customers we have the privilege to work with each day.
  • A relationship-building tool
  • Something that our entire team, at all organizational levels, embraces
  • A “Bird’s Eye View” into who we are as a company
  • What keeps this company motivated
  • A tally of our united success between our clients and our team to truly continue to make a difference

This initiative is incorporating storytelling in a way to connect in a visual illustration to others who we are, what we do, why we do it, and what we stand for. This brand storytelling initiative is about our customers and the value that we get from working together to build something  special. Ultimately we as a company and how we portray ourselves is a reflection on our customers. We consider ourselves a hidden gem, where many might not know who we are, but once they find out they tell all their friends. We have gained that reputation by our daily hard work to continue to develop with our customers.Our customers are our stars. Think of us as simply a supporting character.

Coining himself “Chief Bottlewasher,” Eastek International’s President and CEO, Joe Rocco, talks about the rise of US manufacturing, his humble service to his team, and being involved in the exciting launch of fetal heart monitors provided to third world countries.

Manufacturing is a crowded field, but Eastek does a great job of standing out. Our ability to do a little bit of everything allows us to save time and money for our customers.

In collaboration with Mobisol, we are contributing to the production of solar home systems that are cost-effective and eco-friendly. Mobisol, the Berlin-based company, has developed solar home systems specifically designed to supply the needs of low and middle-income families in the developing world. Since 2010, Mobisol has installed over 20,000 solar home systems in Tanzania and Rwanda to tackle the challenge of energy poverty. We are so proud to be able to work with Mobisol on manufacturing the solar home system and are looking forward to future developments to continue to make a difference in this world.

In collaboration with Laerdal, we are manufacturing fetal heart rate monitors designed for intermittent and prolonged monitoring in low-resource settings, such as 3rd world countries.

Note: Although we are trying to show how the device is making a difference, some of the visuals maybe graphic to the viewer.

Please be advised. (Some parts of the video maybe NSFW)

super nova

In collaboration with RM Devices, we are manufacturing a device, the SuperNO2VA,™ that is a nasal oxygenating and ventilating apparatus designed to provide improved patient outcomes through clinically driven airway management. These devices provide supplemental oxygen to patients both inside and outside an operating room, including during transport while using the secondary oxygen port. It also can deliver higher FiO2 during oxygen supplementation compared to nasal cannula & oxygen face masks.

FIO Diagnostic

In collaboration with Fio, we are manufacturing a rugged, in vitro diagnostic device, Deki™ Reader, for use with commercially available lateral flow immunoassays (commonly known as rapid diagnostic tests). The Deki™ Reader and Fionet™ system were used to aid malaria control activities in remote facilities. This technology presents the opportunity for strengthening rapid diagnostic testing and surveillance of ‪infectious diseases in resource-poor settings.

We’re not limited geographically. Eastek owns and operates facilities to meet the diverse needs wherever they are:

  • Full-Service Electronic Assembly in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
  • Headquarters in Chicago
  • 5 Factories in our Dongguan, China Manufacturing Campus
  • Distribution and Service Centers in Chicago, Milwaukee, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and Dongguan

We wanted to showcase our DG (Dongguan, China) Manufacturing Employee Staff. They truly are the face of the factory. 1,100+ Employees Strong and they work hard every single day to make the products for our clients. Eastek is about making a difference and Making Products that MatterTM

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