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Eastek Investment Shows Commitment to Customer Growth

1ml automatic assembling machine

This is what it looks like when a contract manufacturer is committed to its customer’s growth.

Eastek manufactures and assembles 1mL disposable plastic syringes used for topical and oral medications. Prior to 2018, our maximum output was limited to approximately 73,000 syringes per week. In general, disposable plastics had not been an expected area of growth for our company.

However, one of our customers recently saw a significant increase in demand for these syringes. As a result, Eastek’s Kam Lo, Xiongwei Chen, Yuanhong Cheng, Ken Ning, Peter Yuen, and Jeffrey Li recognized the labor and capacity challenge early on, and began considering creative solutions.

“Disposable plastics hasn’t necessarily been a core area of our business, but it’s very important to meet our customer’s needs, whatever they are,” Ning said. “They really like the quality of the syringes we’ve made and they want to grow with us. We’re looking forward to accepting that challenge.”

Our team in China recommended an investment in machinery that would be capable of taking on the assembly step in the manufacturing process. The machine, manufactured by YuHuan ZhengRi Plastic Machine Co. is capable of assembling 150 parts per minute. It also has multiple optical inspection points that allow for a high level of certainty that all parts are properly placed in the assembly.

The QZ-005 machine was customized for Eastek, but stands 4m x 3m x 2m, which meant expanding the room in which it would be used, and allowing space to house the supply of barrels, plungers, and O-rings required for assembly.

The multiple optical inspection points now allow us to perform process validation to ensure the machine operates as it is supposed to, quantifying our level of certainty about its effectiveness. As a result of this investment in automation, we expect to achieve a high level of quality, while tripling our previous output for the customer, assembling more than 200k syringes per week.

“Our investment shows we see this as a serious partnership, that we appreciate the business, and that we’re looking forward to growing with the customer,” Ning said. “Since the manufacturing industry in Dongguan (China) is facing labor shortage challenges, we thought this solution was a creative alternative.”

To learn more about our Dongguan manufacturing campus, visit https://www.eastekinternational.com/portfolios/dongguan-manufacturing-campus/