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At Eastek Rapid Prototyping Center, a division of Eastek International Corporation, we know how critical it is to get your project to production. For that reason, we came up with a rapid prototyping business plan that not only gets the product to your engineering team quickly and correctly but due to performance analysis controls we’ve put into place, we ensure your product will be stable for years to come.

The program we’ve put into place includes three important parts; Quoting, Prototype Builds and Performance Analysis.

With quoting getting done quickly and transparently, this ensures you can start building right away. Eastek Rapid Prototyping will provide most quotes in less than 48 hours.

When it comes to Prototype Builds, we understand timing is of the essence. Therefore, once we receive your PO to when it arrives on your dock is two (2) weeks, however, we can expedite deliveries so that you can get the product even sooner. If your more price-sensitive, we can also extend the standard 2 weeks to take advantage of cost savings.

After each build, you will receive a full Performance Analysis report detailing the parts on your Bill of Material (BOM) to ensure they are within an active part life-cycle. Furthermore, these reports can be used to determine regulatory information, availability, and cross-reference support. You will also receive a Post-Build review that will provide detail on any issues during the build and any design recommendations that can improve the manufacturability of your product.




(Eastek respects your privacy. We will never sell, rent, lease or give away your information (name, address, email, etc.) to any third parties. For additional information, please consult our Privacy Policy.)

Definition of files:

  1. Gerbers – this is the Printed Circuit Board images that describe your design and provide critical information to the raw-PCB manufacturer.
  2. FAB Drawing – This is the detailed stack-up of your raw-PCB. This provides detail on the type of material, stack-up, and any other critical notes that are specific to the raw-PCB.
  3. BOM (Bill of Material) – This should be supplied in an Excel format. At a minimum, we need the Manufacturer, Manufacturing Part Number, and Quantity of placements per board to perform a quote.