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Hatching the E-bird: Behind the Eastek logo

Eastek solutions contract manufacturing E-bird logo

Hatching the “E-bird”

Many companies take months, spending thousands of dollars and hiring a team of outside consultants to craft the perfect logo, slogan, and mission statement. Those designs often become recognizable worldwide and synonymous with the company’s values. Knowing the importance of its visual brand, Eastek turned inward to the people who know the organization best at every level. There, we found the perfect expression of company culture came unexpectedly from a project engineer in a factory in China.

Shortly after the company acquisition in 2004, Eastek began using a logo featuring a globe and a “swoosh.” At the time, not much thought was given to the design, except a desire to be “global.” Over the next eight years, the company evolved. With millions of dollars spent in equipment investments, thousands of hours of training and employee dedication, we felt it was time for a new, well-thought out logo, worthy of this Eastek.

Eastek swoosh logo

A logo we can stand behind

We believed a logo should be built from the mission, goals, and ambitions of an organization. It should embody the culture and spirit of the organization. We understood that logo would reach customers, suppliers, employees, in and beyond our communities. It would represent all of us on letterhead, business cards, literature, thank-you notes, quotations, and invoices. In fact, we would carry our logo on uniforms and clothing, and outwardly, our logo would represent Eastek to the public on signage, at trade shows, and on our website before we have a chance to say a word, ourselves.

We wanted to visually communicate what Eastek stands for, why customers choose us, why customers remain loyal, and what makes us special, as a company. We also wanted to get our own employees engaged in finding a solution.

Engaging our employees in a creative solution

In October of 2012, we invited our nearly 1,000 employees to participate in a company-wide “logo design contest.” The chosen submission came from Hezhou Wang, a project engineer in our China factory. Though engineers may not often be recognized for their artistic creativity or sensitivity, Hezhou’s explanation of the “E-bird” logo was varied and thoughtful.

He said, “The E-shape mimics a bird, signifying our spirit, our agility and our vitality. The symmetrical formation reflects the company’s vigor, stability, enterprising spirit, and pragmatism.”

“The color blue reflects science, technology, human idealism; all of which are contained in the products we make,” Hezhou continued. “The curved edges acknowledge our amicable nature and our desire for harmony with each other, our customers, and suppliers, and with the environment.”

E-bird logo

When the “E-bird” logo was chosen and announced, Eastek President Joe Rocco said this:

“At Eastek, we try to do what is right: for our people, for our community, for our customer and supplier, for our environment. When we really work together, great things happen and great products are delivered by practical, high quality, ethical means. There is truly a family business kind of feel at Eastek, and those who work with us notice this and this notion of family. Perhaps our “E-bird” will catch your spirit and lift you up. Perhaps we are ready to make a choice and take Eastek to a new level of professionalism, success and customer delight.”

Today, the “E-bird” logo is five-years old, and Eastek has steadily grown since its debut.

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