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The Eastek Advantage


Customers look to Eastek for turnkey manufacturing solutions because we offer low risk, lower cost development of high-quality products. Turnkey manufacturing and supply chain services include material acquisition, assembly, and testing. Eastek completes the product from DFM to finished product to meet each customer’s challenging needs and specifications. Eastek will recommend improvements to lower cost and reduce waste as well as continually address supply chain challenges while implementing modifications and improvements as needed.

Eastek offers a total manufacturing solution – from sourcing, purchasing and supply chain management, through prototype production, to establishing agile assembly, configuration, and test processes to ensure that we maintain our World Class performance levels for Quality and On-Time Delivery (OTD).

Key Components:

  • Turnkey | Boxbuild
  • PCBA
  • Local Engineering Support | QA/ACTooling (T4E or T4C)
  • Plastics
  • Injection Molding
  • Customer Service in the U.S. (in your time zone)

Advantages of Turnkey Manufacturing:

  • Access supply chain and production economies of scale
  • Minimize inventory risk
  • Take advantage of latest technology without capital expenditure

Our Clients’ Bottom Line is Our Bottom Line, Their Success is Our Success.

We are a company of roughly 1100 employees on 3 continents working 24/7 for our clients. We are increasing in quality standards and procedures daily, constantly striving for improvement across the board with a hunger and thirst to keep reaching new heights every year. We are not just a global contract manufacturer; we are a company that cares as well. Partnering in endeavors to make products that can make a difference in the world: Fetal heart rate monitors (Laerdal) and solar home systems (Mobisol) for developing countries just to name a few. From tooling and design fabrication to injection molding (plastics), to printed circuit board assembly, or entrusting us with the entire package as a full box build, turnkey assembly, we deliver high-quality product and services every time. We bring quantity with no loss in quality. Eastek brings 25 years of experience with constant innovation at play. We support product development in the long-term through value analysis/ value engineering (VA/VE) with strategies to reduce cost and improve product consistency as products and materials evolve.

Our contract manufacturing services offer extensive in-house production capabilities. We start with client’s CAD drawings and BOM’s and refine the manufacturing process. Eastek offers integration of skills and manufacturing process that our competitors cannot match as well as time-tested and long-standing relationships with suppliers to give you a reliable supply chain. We solve your outsourcing and vendor reduction issues because we understand what it takes to manufacture to quality, delivery, and price standards so that you do not lose control of your production schedule. We can fulfill your requirements in a timely, cost-conscious & cost-effective manner, reducing your total cost of ownership.

  • Eastek can design your product for manufacturability and build electromechanical assemblies, equipment/tooling, and turnkey systems in controlled environments, meeting ISO 8 level standards.
  • Eastek provides experienced and reputable contract medical manufacturing services delivering complex solutions to cutting-edge and innovative companies in a variety of medical industry sectors.
  • Eastek has the skills and experience to meet your electro-mechanical/printed circuit board assembly needs. Fully tested, complex electromechanical assemblies, built to your exact standards.
  • Eastek’s highly capable team provides an unparalleled combination of experience and commitment to manufacturing your turnkey machinery. Eastek provides specialized delivery of fully integrated and tested equipment to you or your end-user. Our supply chain services help get your product to market quickly.

Eastek Edge

Vertical Integration

Eastek International focuses on efficiency, quality and IP protection. Our vertical integration ensures lower cost and superior quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process by controlling virtually every process inside Eastek’s own facilities.

Superior Quality

Quality First is a way of life at Eastek; from simple components to complex turnkey assemblies, a focus on quality permeates every aspect of our design development, production, and shipment into your supply chain. Our focus on quality will provide you with peace of mind that your products will pass rigorous testing and customer scrutiny.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

In today’s competitive business environment, protecting your Intellectual Property is paramount. You need an international contract manufacturer who is equipped to safeguard your product specifications and other confidential information.

Design For Manufacturability (DFM)

Eastek International offers complete DFM services from concept generation to product launch to future feature and cost improvements. Our world-class engineers, located on the ground in North America and China, create concepts based on your specifications and recommend improvements for optimized manufacturing process and the best-landed cost. Our engineering group can handle a wide variety of products while providing our clients with the flexibility of owning the rights to their designs.

Core Competencies

  • Electronic circuit design
  • Mechanical design
  • Prototype tooling
  • Product design specifications
  • Utilization of Six Sigma methodologies
  • Industrial design for optimizing manufacturing capabilities
  • Industrial design for minimizing manufacturing and assembly costs
  • Supporting UL/CE product certifications


Our team creates engineering samples, executes pilot runs and transitions the product to full production.

Production Launch Phase

Your Eastek Project Engineer, with the support of a global launch team in North America, Europe, China and Hong Kong, will monitor your product through every stage of the launch phase.

With the benefits of global sourcing capabilities in all of these regions, the team creates engineering samples, executes pilot runs, and transitions your product to full production, meeting your schedules and overall demands.

Our capabilities range from manufacturing singular components to managing complex turnkey product assemblies.

FDA QSR Compliance

Eastek will augment your Design History File and utilize our audit tested Design Transfer SOP, Eastek will build your DMR and issue DHRs for each lot of production. Eastek will deliver validated processes such as SMT and molding using Eastek’s protocols or yours. For ongoing production, Eastek will create, validate and maintain testing systems to ensure consistency in manufacturing which fully meets the US FDA medical device standards.

Our Integrated Offerings Include:

  • Turnkey Assembly
  • Medical Devices
  • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBA)
  • Magnetics-Transformers-EMI Filters
  • Metal Stamping
  • Automotive Products & Electronics

We also offer dedicated work cells with customized combinations of the above capabilities and we have demonstrated adding new technologies to suit specific customer needs.


Throughout the product launch and ongoing manufacturing phases of your product’s life cycle, your dedicated Eastek Program Manager will work in collaboration with Eastek functional teams – to ensure timely feedback, and work specifically on driving ongoing cost reductions and feature enhancements.

Ongoing Production Phase

Once your product is designed and ready for production, an integrated Eastek team will see the project through every stage of the launch phase. Eastek’s dedicated vertical integration team sees the project through to routine production and marketplace ramp-up, ensuring all “Lessons Learned” from the engineering sample and pilot runs have been fully addressed. You can count on Eastek’s proven experience from years of new product launches to keep this part of the plan well under control.

Our team will recommend improvements to lower cost and reduce waste. Eastek will continually address supply chain challenges while implementing the feature modifications you need. With Eastek as your partner, you continue product delivery in a manner that fuels growth for both companies.

Product Life

Eastek understands that our customers need a long-term manufacturing partner. We support their product development in the long-term through Value Analysis / Value Engineering (VA/VE) with strategies to reduce cost and improve product consistency.

Your Product Continues to Develop

Our global launch team transitions from the Project Engineering Leader to a Program Manager during ongoing production. The VA/VE road map starts with your product’s evolving needs, driven by a cross-functional team to meet changing marketplace requirements. Eastek meets pricing and innovation requirements through and teamwork while delivering consistent on-time products.

Continuous Improvements

VA/VE teams, supply chain planning and MRP work with your 12-month rolling product forecast to ensure consistent product supply and cost competitiveness.

We will identify alternative materials, refine production methods, drive out waste, establish lean manufacturing processes, and recommend enhancements. All to extend your product’s life and profitability.


The need for manufacturers to focus on compliance and traceability initiatives is increasing significantly across the globe as commercial pressures grow to meet regulatory mandates. By mitigating the risk of product recalls, reducing manufacturing costs and quality controlling end-to-end traceability of processes, Eastek will also be able to successfully reduce inefficiencies within the supply chain.

In addition to MES, ERP and the using professional services (i.e. UPS, FedEx, etc.), in traceability solutions, system capabilities depending on the client and product may include serialized container and individual part tracking; built-in barcode printing and scanning, RFID, and direct part marking; and detailed traceability from any point in the manufacturing process.

In principle, our traceability takes two forms.  The first, product tracking, is the capability to follow the path of a specified unit of a product through the supply chain as it moves between our facilities. Products are routinely tracked for obsolescence, inventory management, and logistical purposes. The second, product tracing, is the capability to identify the origin of a particular unit and/or batch of product located within the supply chain by reference to records held upstream in the supply chain. Products are tracked for purposes, such as product recall and investigating complaints (CAPAs).

Eastek puts heavy emphasis on traceability. We use traceability to better manage customer relations. By using it to reduce the time required to react to customer complaints, for example, we can typically ensure higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Traceability also helps enhance the quality of the process and, as a direct result, the quality of the service or solution provided.



Below our some numbers (fun facts) that we are very proud of that illustrate our facilities and capabilities.

Increased Capacity By


Increased Shipment Volume By



On Time Delivery (For Clients With Supply Chain Agreements In Place)



Healthcare Plastic Device Connectors With O DPPM


Telecom Devices With 113 DPPM


Days for Promise Date Confirmation with Supply Chain Agreement in Place


Days To Deliver Prototype PCBA From Material Receipt


FDA Industry Practice Certified Staff


Green Belts


Employees Worldwide



Different Products Shipped to 94 Different Customers Last Year


Days From Part Design Approval to Delivery Of Prototype of Single Cavity Mold Fabrication


Days a Year We Work for Our Customers


Hot Meals We Serve Per Day



Locations Worldwide on 3 Continents


Eastek is all about making a difference! We strive for excellence every day not just in the great deliverables of high-quality low-cost product on-time and on budget to our clients but also to see the end result of that product being used for the betterment of others. Learn more about our initiative by clicking the button below.

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