Eastek Access℠

All You Need to Know About Manufacturing in China

Establishing operations in China is very complex, costly, and time-consuming. With the high price of entry, language, and cultural obstacles, complex import and export procedures, and local government relations to manage, the challenge is large for any business.

Eastek Access℠ is a low-risk, quick and cost-effective solution for establishing your own China-based manufacturing program. At our manufacturing campus in southern China, we help you set up your operation in less than six months by creating a “factory within a factory”.

Using our advanced systems and resources, you ensure that products produced in China, under your direction, are high quality. You can design your own customized program by choosing from a range of manufacturing services and support options.

Eastek Access Standard Services

  • 24/7 security
  • Transportation services
  • Building maintenance
  • Teams in both the United States and China to ensure:
    • High-quality communications throughout the process
    • Real-time support
    • Intellectual Property protection under U.S. law

Eastek Access Support Service Options

  • Legal expertise
  • Human resources, including hiring
  • Program management
  • Project engineering
  • Local government relations
  • Freight consolidation
  • Import and export license and monitoring

Eastek Access Manufacturing Service Options

  • Design engineering
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Sourcing and supply chain management
  • Purchasing
  • General labor
  • Supervision/management
  • Quality assurance
  • Import/export material contracts
  • Global logistics services

“Eastek’s customer service provides outstanding support whenever and wherever we need it. Having the ability to interact with our Eastek team in our own language and time zone is a critical factor for us.”

Vice President of Manufacturing
FDA Level 2 Medical Device Developer and Manufacturer