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Factors driving manufacturing out of China
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What makes Mexico a good alternative
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Evaluate your manufacturing program for near-shoring to Mexico
Moving manufacturing from China to Mexico E-book
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Current State of Manufacturing in Mexico

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Factors that are driving manufacturing out of China
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What makes Mexico a good alternative location?
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Top Manufacturing Industries & Locations

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Existing Industry Diversity for Over 50 Years
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Trends & Developments in Mexico’s Manufacturing Landscape
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Bonus Check-list

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Must haves of your manufacturing partner
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Evaluating your manufacturing location
Mexico vs China



Easily accessible from North America
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Offers Favorable Tax Benefits
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Local Materials Supply
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Battery Production
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Enforcement of IP Rights
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Our Mexico location offers certifications for manufacturing printed circuit boards and electromechanical assemblies, excluding product design. Additionally, we provide warehouse and distribution services for electromechanical and mechanical assemblies, as well as plastic parts.

ISO 9001:2015
ISO 13485:2016
Quality Management System certificate
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What You Will Find in the E-Book
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Industry Knowledge

Practical experience moving a program from China to Mexico and the lessons learned.

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Supply Chain Challenges

Avoid delays and disruptions, minimize production bottlenecks, and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

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IP Protection

Safeguard your intellectual property to protect your innovations while staying competitive in the market.

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Customs & Trade Issues

Are there any documentation requirements for imports or other information you need to consider to avoid trade issues.

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Geographical Considerations

Discover how to strategically position your manufacturing operations for maximum efficiency and growth potential.

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Availability of Raw Material in Mexico

Learn about the processes and challenges China and MExico face to meet the demand of its domestic and export markets.

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Because we remain in complete control of your product throughout the entire design and manufacturing process, we can ensure Intellectual Property Protection under U.S. law.

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