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Launching a second generation product that would ramp from 400k pieces to several million in 12 months during the midst of a pandemic.

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Smart Home Device
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Steep Ramp Up
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Supply Chain Challenges
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The challenges we faced


Rapid production once launched to support demand.


Production of 400k to several million within 12 months.


During the peak of the pandemic admist supply chain and logistical challenges.

The Challenges

A smart home technology company was developing the next revision of their smart home safety device.  Once developed, the product would need to be rapidly launched to support strong consumer demand.  Volumes would ramp from 400K units per year up to several million units per year within 12 months.  And all of this was going to take place during the peak of the Covid pandemic and with supply chains and logistical challenges at their worst.

The Solutions

Eastek was engaged because of our nimbleness, supply chain expertise, global footprint, and vertical integration capabilities.   The device design  would require a six layer printed circuit board with two-sided component population, custom injection molding tooling, two-shot molding, pad print decoration, high-speed robotic soldering, and final packaging in a decorative gift box.   Additionally, because several of the components were on allocation and/or had extended lead times, Eastek had to work in collaboration with the design company and supply chain to find alternate components and secure our share of components in order to launch the product.  Finally, because of the high volumes, Eastek utilized all three of its global plants (Mexico, Malaysia, and China) to support the manufacturing.

The Results

Despite supply chain setbacks due to component availability, Eastek was able to launch the product to support the customer's initial demand.

"Due to Eastek's multiple facilities and supply chain networks, we were able to keep production of this high demand product moving forward!"
Vice President, Product Management
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