Printed Circuit Board Assemblies

A Fortune 300 life sciences company wanted to change contract manufacturers due to quality and delivery issues.

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Securing Design Files
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Efficient Reverse Engineering
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Streamlined Production Launch
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The challenges we faced

Design files and documents

Retrieving design files and documents from the current contract manufacturer who refused to release them, hindering the Fortune 300 life sciences company's ability to change manufacturers smoothly.

Quality and delivery issues

Addressing quality and delivery issues experienced with the current contract manufacturer, necessitating the need for a new manufacturing partner.

The Challenges

A Fortune 300 life sciences company wanted to change contract manufacturers due to quality and delivery issues.  The current CM  held the design files and would not turn over the files and documents to the customer. Without these design files the customer was not able to control a critical supplier and was subject to price increases and continuing delivery and quality issues.

The Solutions

Needing a reliable partner with the skill and experience to execute what was needed, the company turned to Eastek.  After first conducting a thorough review of the product and the customer's requirements, Eastek clearly understood what was needed to oversee the reverse engineering activity to re-create the design files for 10 PCBA's.

The Results

In less than 12 months, Eastek completed the reverse engineering activity, sourced a more cost effective supply chain, collaborated with the customer on meeting regulatory compliance, and launched 10 PCB mixed-mode assemblies into production. As a result, knowing they had a robust solution that Eastek had provided, the customer was able to confidently exit its relationship with the previous supplier and regained control of its manufacturing supply chain.

"Without Eastek's extensive Engineering team and being able to reverse engineer all of our boards, we would have spent time, energy, and money in legal fees and wouldn't be as far as we are today."
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