Injection Molded Plastics

Eastek took on a start-up company with a novel design for masks for patient intubation and anesthesia.

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Design Challenges
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Material Challenges
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Short turn with large volumes
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The challenges we faced


Developing a soft material that can effectively seal against a patient's face for the masks used in patient intubation and anesthesia.

Different sizing

Designing the masks to accommodate four different face sizes (Infant, Small, Medium, and Large) to ensure a proper fit and functionality.

Comfort and functionality

Meeting the challenge of combining comfort, functionality, and effectiveness in the design of the masks for optimal patient experience and medical application

The Challenges

Eastek took on a start-up company that had a novel design for masks used for patient intubation and anesthesia.  The challenge was to come up with a soft material that would seal comfortably against a patient's face.  Additionally, there were 4 different face sizes to take into account - Infant, Small, Medium, and Large.  Ultimately, Eastek needed to combine comfort, functionality, and effectiveness in its design.

The Solutions

Given Eastek's molding prowess combined with its deep experience in working with resin suppliers to identify the appropriate resin combinations, Eastek was able to produce a mask that would comfortably bond and seal to a patient's face.

The Results

Inside of 16 months, Eastek had developed the injection molding tools in-house and was in full production across all 4 sizes. The volumes were quite large during the early stages of the COVID pandemic and Eastek was able to support.

"Eastek turned out to be an essential part of our business during COVID due to the production of our intubation and anesthesia masks. Unfortunately, there was a large need for them, and fortunately we had Eastek as a great partner to continue to produce through the pandemic."
Director, Supply Chain
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