Anne Pettinger

Meet Ms. Anne Pettinger, Anne joined the Eastek family in 2015 and is our Global Manufacturing Engineer at our Lake Zurich Facility. When Anne was younger, she went by Annie (but don’t call her that! It’s a precious gift if she lets you call her that!).
Anne is fantastic at organizing spaces and creating good flow, and she is also a decent Curler! Her hobbies are vast and varied, that include Curling, riding motorcycles, yoga, reading, organizing, skincare, and photography. Outside of work, she spends her time during the week doing yoga, Curling, and Netflix. On the weekends, you can find her out on an adventure to a museum or forest preserve with friends. However, one thing that she’s always wanted to try but haven’t had the opportunity to be sky diving. Anyone ever been skydiving and can share their experience with her? Like all of us, Anne would like to continue to learn more. In her professional life, she’d like to learn more about PCBA’s and leadership. In her personal life, she’d like to learn more about cooking.
With the reality of our new “normal” with the “Stay at Home” order, we asked Anne how it’s helped improve her daily schedule. She let us know that she moved only a couple of weeks ago, so this situation has helped get settled and unpacked.
She’s incredibly grateful for the friends that have become family and that they’re always checking in and helping out. In general, Anne is a pretty open person and will talk to anyone about anything.