Amy Li

Meet Ms. Amy Li, Amy our Program Management Department Manager at our Eastek Dongguan China Facility. She’s majoring in Chinese and Literature at University, and she enjoys writing. Also, Amy has been studying economics and management in recent years and would like to learn more about finance. She is really good at simplifying complicating things.
She is really grateful for her family. She is also thankful for her Program Management team and their hard work. She’s also thankful for CK’s support and the help that she receives from her colleagues. We asked if she’s ever had a nickname, and she said that she goes by Pig Pig and that it’s due to her zodiac sign being the Pig. It’s also the source of her WeChat name MC Pig Pig!
When asked what some of Amy’s hobbies are and what her favorite things to do outside of work, she told us that she loves traveling and hiking as well as going out with her family and friends. She also enjoys watching European and American action movies as well as the outdoors and shopping. She’s always wanted to try skydiving but is a bit scared. Has anyone tried skydiving and can give Amy some encouraging words or share your experience?
We asked what changed or improved in her life, if anything, during the “Stay at home” order. She told us that if it means that she can breathe freely without wearing a mask when working at home, that her overall spirit will be much better. But that she found she feels that the communication efficiency is much lower than when in the office.
She also told us a little about her family, she has an adorable little girl, and she is the source of her happiness. Her family always gives her the strongest support, which means that she can ease her mind and do what she likes to do.